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A must-have for your jewelry. Give your Nootka jewelry some love before your dinner date, vacation, or a Sunday at home. This care kit is easy to use and will preserve the beauty of your Nootka pieces. 

- Microfiber Polishing cloth
- Cleaning spray
- Jewelry brush 

Nootka Jewelry Care Kit
Nootka Jewelry Care Kit Sale price149 kr

Our promise.


Since the beginning one of Nootka's main company values has been to work with recycled materials. All our silver is therefore 100% recycled 925 sterling silver. Since mining new silver causes a lot of damage on the environment, our first step was to only use silver that has been recycled. This silver may come from pre-owned jewelry or from our own old collections that we decide to melt down and reshape into new designs. Our vision is to create our own Nootka lifecycle and to take an even bigger resonsibility towards a more sustainable jewelry industry.

Nootka Care

Our promise.


We are proud to say that our goldsmiths have more than 40 years of experience. Creating jewelry by hand is a true craftsmanship and artwork. Every piece is unique in some way, something that we strongly value at Nootka.

Smycken stockholm

Our promise.

Locally produced.

Our third part of our promise was to make sure that production took place locally. We now design and craft all our jewelry in our foundry in Stockholm. 

This has been very important for us since the beginning. Having the production locally enables us to continuously ensure good working conditions and a close dialogue with our goldsmiths.