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Nootka Dense NecklaceDense Necklace Silver
DENSE NECKLACE SILVER Sale price2 990 kr
Nootka Dense NecklaceNootka dense
DENSE NECKLACE GOLD Sale price3 490 kr
Sphere necklace silverNootka silver
Sphere necklace goldNootka Sphere Gold
SPHERE NECKLACE GOLD Sale price6 500 kr
Core necklace silverNootka core necklace
CORE NECKLACE SILVER Sale price10 500 kr
Nootka Core necklaceCore Necklace Gold
CORE NECKLACE GOLD Sale price11 500 kr
Nootka neat necklace silversilver necklace nootka
NEAT NECKLACE SILVER Sale price1 499 kr
Nootka neat necklace goldneat necklace short
NEAT NECKLACE GOLD Sale price1 699 kr
Nootka Link necklaceLink necklace silver
LINK NECKLACE SILVER Sale price2 990 kr
Nootka link necklacelink necklace gold
LINK NECKLACE GOLD Sale price3 490 kr
Sold outNootka Pearl necklacePearl necklace silver
PEARL NECKLACE SILVER Sale price2 890 kr
Nootka pearl necklacePearl necklace gold
PEARL NECKLACE GOLD Sale price3 290 kr
Sold outNootka Loop necklaceNootka loop necklace
LOOP NECKLACE SILVER Sale price3 490 kr
Nootka Loop NecklaceLoop Necklace Gold
LOOP NECKLACE GOLD Sale price3 990 kr


Boost your all-black outfit with a chain necklace or choose our Pearl necklace that is inspired by freshwater pearls and how they are shaped differently by nature. Non-seasonal is our mindset and that is why we keep our necklace collection small yet well-conceived. All our necklaces are finished by hand in Stockholm and made from Sterling 925 silver. Each necklace comes with Nootka logo + material and origin hallmark.

We assure that you will never go wrong with a timeless link necklace or a heavy chain necklace in your wardrobe, regardless of the season.