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We believe that every jewelry collection needs a pair of classic hoops. All of our hoop earrings are thoughtfully designed and handcrafted in Stockholm with great attention to detail, made from recycled 925 sterling silver and 24ct gold vermeil. Our hoop earrings are sold as a single (1) piece and are available in several different sizes - Mini, Mid, Big and Chunky. Our hoops comes with either a raw surface which is a part of Nootka's DNA, or a polished surface for a more minimalistic look.

From the start we decided to sell all our hoop earrings as a single piece, to not stand in the way for our customers to decide their personal favorite combination - everything from wearing a pair of our smaller hoop earrings alone, stacking several hoops in different sizes at the same time or why not mix and match gold together with silver or letting raw meet polished. Either way the Nootka hoop earring collection is a well-trusted source for your next hoop earring investment or gift to someone you cherish.