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Jewelry Care

With delicate care you can enjoy your Nootka jewelry year after year. 

Silver - Each Nootka piece is handcrafted locally in Stockholm, made from recycled 925 sterling silver. 925 sterling silver naturally oxidises over time due to different reasons like contact with sulfur that can be found in the air, in fabrics and even excreted by the body. Fortunately this is not a permanent state and you can always remove the oxidation. Use the Nootka Jewelry Care Kit for a quick and efficient touch up.

Gold - Each Nootka piece is handcrafted made from recycled 925 sterling silver with 24k gold vermeil. Even though the gold plating is thick, kindly note that with time the plating can wear off. This is normal and not a reason for a claim. Gently touch-up your piece using Nootka Polishing Cloth without chemicals. We recommend avoiding contact with any kind of liquid. 

Nootka Care

Would you like our goldsmiths with over 40 years of experience to take care of your jewelry?

For us it is important that every piece of our jewelry is taken care of responsibly. Therefore we launched the initiative Nootka Care, which gives all Nootka customers the opportunity to send in their jewelry for professional care by our goldsmiths, at cost price only.

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