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Lisa Olsson

Lisa started her blog at a young age, and after growing her name across multiple platforms, she has successively become one of Scandinavia’s most applauded social media creators within high-end fashion & beauty. Lisa is widely known for her artistic abilities, both in front of and behind the camera.

In 2018, Lisa founded Nootka Jewelry from a personal dream and passion for designing and creating. For Lisa, jewelry is an extension of oneself rather than an object. It’s a silent dialogue between the wearer and the world.

Lisa's dynamic background and multifaceted expertise has been a significant driver of her accomplishments. Her natural inclination to create, coupled with her entrepreneurial spirit, has positioned her not only as a trendsetter in the fashion industry but as a designer and creative visionary. Nootka is Lisa's creative space. A space shaped by her intuitive storytelling where creation is led by emotion. Each piece is handmade in Stockholm.

In 2022, Nootka opened its first store in Stockholm. The same year, Lisa & Nootka was awarded the prestigious Guldknappen Accessory Award. In Spring 2024, Nootka launched a limited capsule collection with Scandinavian brand House of Dagmar.

Lisa Olsson House of Dagmar Nootka

I have always felt the need to be creative for my soul to fully experience happiness. In my early years, I did a lot of needlework and it felt almost like an individual right to do such. I ended up designing jewelry because is has always meant a lot to me, it carries great personal value.When you find jewelry that you feel comfortable in, you easily become very loyal to it. I find that especially interesting. Therefore, my consistent focus with Nootka is to create nonseasonal pieces that make you look twice.

- Lisa Olsson