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A visit to our foundry

Not far from Nootka's Stockholm office, lies a family-owned foundry whose skills have been handed down over generations, carrying more than 40 years of experience. This is where the Nootka designs are actualized - from the earliest prototype to the final piece.

Nootka transcends seasonal collections, embracing the concept that jewelry should be timeless, not transient. The journey of each Nootka piece begins in the hands of Lisa and our dedicated team. At the foundry, these contemporary designs meet traditional craftsmanship.

Nootka Jewelry Production
We work exclusively with carefully sourced and recycled sterling silver and 24k gold vermeil. The beauty of these materials lies in their ability to be recycled time and again.

The synergy between our creative process and devoted partnership with our craftsmen, allows us to also operate on a model of small batches and made-to-order products. Our goldsmiths create at a sound pace by hand, with thorough care for details. One piece can take several hours to make, each stroke leaving its mark and making every Nootka piece unique.

Nootka Jewelry production

Nootka, at its core, is an ongoing art project envisioned by our founder Lisa Olsson, and stands as a testament to the fact that relevance in fashion does not necessitate constant change.