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Lisa Olsson Blog


Welcome to Word of the Month! Every month, I share everything from inspiration and styling tips to insights into what it's really like to run a jewelry brand. The fun and the challenging.

So here we are again - right in the season of Christmas and New Year's. Doesn't it sometimes go ridiculously fast? However, November always seems to end in a lot of stress no matter how well you've planned beforehand, but it's also one of the most fun months of the year.

To get into the right mood this year, we felt it was time to give the store some extra love. So - a cup of coffee, a bit of inspiration talk, and a round with the measuring tape later, we started decorating with some of our favorite furnishing from the Dusty Deco team, who kindly let us borrow them during the holiday season. The store now feels warmer than ever, and it's truly a fantastic feeling to have our very own Nootka space to work in every day, but also to share with all of you. Welcome in!

nootka jewelry store

Something completely different and exciting that has happened since we last spoke is that Anna, who started interning at Nootka in the summer of 2021, began her full-time position at Nootka in November. Many of you have probably already had the pleasure of interacting with Anna - she's a true star when it comes to taking care of our customers, and with a background in architecture, she has an eye for details and that little extra touch.

Last but certainly not least - this Friday, we are finally releasing one of our most limited drops to date, the Loop Earrings. Every launch means a lot to me, and Loop is truly no exception. The earrings are inspired by our signature lock found on several of our chains such as Dense, Loop & Neat - but in an oversized version for a full statement feel. For a trained Nootka eye, there are also elements of Sphere, with a small sphere that closes the earring at the back. Speaking of the backside: I often find that earrings are expressive from the front, but the back is almost forgotten. Therefore, after the love we received for Sphere, I felt that I wanted to continue creating earrings that are designed for every angle. Signup for the waitlist here!

loop earrings
The New Year's dress is still a big question mark for me, but I don't hesitate for a second on which piece of jewelry should take center stage in this year's look. At the risk of sounding biased. But as long as Loop is in the picture, I think everything else will fall into place? Take a closer look at Loop on @nootkaofficial now, captured by the talented 3D artist Nadia Z Lee.

A big thank you for the lovely response to last month's Word of the Month, glad you seem to like the concept. From today onwards, we are doing gift wrapping on every order - so enjoy Christmas until next time, and I, of course, hope to catch a glimpse of many red Nootka boxes under your Christmas trees this year!


Much love,

Lisa x