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Lisa Olsson Blog


Welcome to a brand new concept here at Nootka - Word of the Month. Every month, I will share everything from inspiration and styling tips to insights into what it's actually like to run your own jewelry brand – the fun and the challenging parts.

October marks the true beginning of fall, my favorite part of the year. And besides admiring the changes in nature, I love dressing for the season. The possibilities suddenly feel endless? Give me oversized scarves, ankle-length big coats, and jewelry that truly stands out.

lisa nootka

As our Sphere collection has become popular both among you customers and in press, I couldn't help but spin on a design that breathes the same statement. In the near future, we will therefore be launching a new pair of earrings, hopefully in time for Christmas, influenced by our signature lock found on our chains necklaces & bracelets. I am wearing them at this moment and am looking so much forward to sharing them with you soon.

To seize the opportunity and capture both autumn and upcoming designs, we decided to create a shoot that I myself front - a Nootka Fall Guide that presents various Nootka combinations and provides inspiration on how you can style them. Be sure to keep an eye on the website and our Instagram.

Finally, but perhaps most importantly, I want to take this opportunity to share that it has been exactly 5 years since Nootka was born.Nootka Lisa Olsson

A dream that gave birth to an idea, which became a reality. If someone had told me on launch day that Nootka would open its own store in Stockholm and receive the Gulknappen Accessory Award in 2022, it would have been hard to believe that it could even be true.

The enormous amount of hours, hustle, sometimes tears, and almost unimaginable problems that have had to be put out since then is both the truth and an inevitable part of it all. But everything is worth it. Because the moment I get to see you amazing customers wearing Nootka is a priceless feeling - an almost addictive feeling that I look forward to continuing to experience for many, many more years.


Please leave a <3 in the comments if you liked this & feel free to share any requests on upcoming topics!